Ashgrove Team

Ashgrove is owned by two families - James and Janine Parsons and Chris and Hayley Parsons. James is the Managing Director and is supported by the on-farm team of Travis, Mike and Hannah.

James and Janine at Ashgrove

James, along with running Ashgrove, also serves as a company director on several boards. He recently retired from Chairing the boards of Beef + Lamb New Zealand and the New Zealand Meat Board. After graduating from Lincoln University with a Diploma in Farm Management James went onto become a professional shearer, then moved into farm ownership. He currently serves on the boards of OSPRI and Wools of New Zealand.

Chris is CEO of New Zealand Rural Leadership Trust based at Lincoln University having had a long and successful career with the New Zealand Defence Force including 13 years in the New Zealand Special Forces.

Growing up in a family of 6 children Chris and James were raised in the North Hokianga on their family farm. Hayley is a qualified teacher and more recently a health coach. She currently works full time as the Officer Manager for a south Auckland school. Janine is a registered nurse and lactation consultant working in Whangarei.

Hayley and Chris on the front step of their rural Franklin property 'Huntly House' with Janine and James
Travis Pymm is our farm manager who lives on site with wife Kirra.

Ashgrove is governed by a Board of directors with quarterly board meetings. It was established as a farming company by the shareholders with the motto:

“Excellence through partnership”

We believe the pursuit of excellence is a never ending journey. The Ashgrove team are driven by a desire to get a little better each day. We believe that benefits and potential for excellence is multiplied when we partner with others and seek to multiply value with and for them.

In addition to partnering with sheep farmers, our philosophy is to sell only the best rams to clients. We do this by putting the stud animals through their paces on hard hill country in Northland and by using a rigorous culling regime.