Matauri Angus

Evolution through commercial discipline.

Ashgrove in 2020 became the proud owners of Matauri Angus

The herd was purchased from Colin Maxwell near Kaeo, and has a very proud tradition with some outstanding bulls bred over the years with Matauri genetics spread through most Angus stud herds across NZ. The 200 cows are exceptional hill country cows with great structure, temperament and outstanding maternal traits. They rank well above  the Angus NZ breed average for Self Replacing Index and are known for their hardiness and shifting ability.  

Bulls are sold as yearlings in September and as 2 year-olds in June of each year by auction. Surplus females are also available for sale to studs for transfer and discerning commercial buyers.

Matauri Sire
Heifer and her calf on the Ashgrove hills
Cows on winter clean up duty on Ashgrove's steep hills

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