Ram sales


Grant and Christine West farm 4800 stock units on their 450 ha hill country farm at Tangiteroria, West of Whangarei.

They are long time Ashgrove clients, using Ashgrove Coopworth rams for 30 years now. Rather than being solely Coopworth, they also buy Romney rams each year. To keep things simple, the Coopworth and Romney rams multi-sire mate the ewe flock together at tupping. Grant says he quite likes the cross and he gets a bit of hybrid vigour in the bargain. A terminal sire is put across the B flock ewes.

“Northland is a challenging environment for sheep farming. With Ashgrove we get great FE tolerance and the ewes are fantastic mums with only 13% losses from scanning to docking. The strengths Ashgrove Coopworths bring to the ewe flock are good growth rates, and on top of their mothering ability we get great fertility, a nice fleece and wool weights. Lamb weaning weights average 30kg at 90 days. We consistently wean over 150%, averaging 154% lambs to ewes tupped. 500 lambs are sold store at weaning and the balance we finish to 16-17kg, depending on the season.”

Grant and Christine West, Tangiteroria, Northland